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Blog News | Dulisha | Friday, 16 December 2011 00:43

In last period i have done a lot of custom work, and pretty good number of sales on "MeetSter Template" for socialengine. I have been worked also on new theme called StudentLux
Anyway, the point is other in this blog post...

I want to meet you with mine new project wich i need to done in this period called
Tturcol expecting to be a big social network in Turkey wich gonna run smoothly on socialengine 4.1.8p1

Tturcol contain alot of modifications on core files.
I'm expecting to done and ajax page loading for socialengine, wich can increase the speed from your VPS/Deticated Server.

Here are some print screens what i have done for now:

The project is not yet finished, i will keep you updated when i finish.
If you like share the link on other web sites.